Local guided tour

Lanna Hill House is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful valleys and many nature trails. The tour commences with a visit to the magnificent chamber of Mae-On cave and temple followed by a hike up the famous Chiang Mai Crazy Horse rock climbing site. Having spent the first part of the morning on your feet, you are then taken to the Hot-Springs, where you can soothe away any aches or pains in the hot foot-pools or choose to bathe in the mineral baths. Following this, begin your ascent up to Mae Kam Pong – a stunning mountain valley surrounded by lush intermontane tropical forest and wonderful plant and animal life.

You are treated to lunch at the Mountain lodge, which overlooks a wonderful river and is set within a stunning landscaped mountain garden. After lunch visit the well-known homestay village of Mae Kam Pong, embark on a short walk through the village, into the tea and , coffee plantations, waterfalls and surrounding forests.

Golf & Spa

Lanna Hill House is located immediately behind one of Asia’s top Golf courses, Chiang Mai Highlands. Recently voted the second best Golf resort in Asia, it has a reputation as the premier golf facility in the north of Thailand, and will be a 27-hole facility as of November 1st, 2015. It shares the same stunning scenery as our house. It also boasts a fine restaurant and excellent spa that are both open to the public. For golfers keen to secure a tee time prior to their arrival we will be happy to arrange this with special offers.

Flight of the Gibbon zip-line

Enjoy a spectacular journey by high wire and harness, through the jungle in the beautiful forest only 30 minutes from Lanna Hill House. The Flight of the Gibbon Zip Line experience is for both adrenalin seekers and those interested in getting up close and personal with nature. The overall zip line course spans a total distance of 2km and involves an interconnected network of rope bridges, platforms and ladders that take you high up into the jungle canopy – an experience like no other. You will also get to see gibbons in their natural environment.

Chiang Mai elephant camps

A visit to Thailand would not be complete without an elephant experience.  There are a large variety of elephant parks in Chiang Mai, which offer activities ranging from bare back elephant riding through tropical rivers to elephants painting! There are also a number of sanctuaries that look after rescued elephants. Please speak to our manager to discuss the various options that are available.

Cultural and Natural exploration

The Chiang Mai countryside is a cultural and natural wonderland with wildlife diversity, natural scenery, traditional farming and small villages.  Experience a great variety of nature trails in the surrounding area of Lanna Hill House leading to waterfalls, villages and wild habitats. The reservoir opposite the house is a great location to observe fishermen and to watch the sunset over the rice paddies.

Cookery lessons

We would encourage our guests to cook with our staff, if they so wish. Alternatively we can arrange for Thai cookery lessons at the house or in town.

Private yoga lessons

Our teacher teaches Hatha yoga – which helps to be established in one’s self, by reintegrating body breath and mind. She is a certified yoga teacher and is currently training to be a certified yoga therapist. She teaches one on one, or small thematic classes suited to individual needs.

Crazy horse Rock climbing

Imagine rappelling (abseiling) 40 meters into blackness, only to find a booming, kilometer-long tunnel with ceilings as tall as a 15-story building. You stumble across a glittering floor with pristine, sparkling crystals that flow from the walls. Later on, you find an underground stream springing from a passage where humans have never been. You don’t have to have your own gear to climb as, one of the most exciting ways to explore the caves is by signing up for an Introduction to Vertical Caving with Chiang Mai Rock climbing adventures which can be arranged during/prior to your stay at Lanna Hill House. Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures has developed Crazy Horse with a strong environmental ethic and has been recognized worldwide as a model for sustainable tourism.  In March 2010, Crazy Horse was featured in Climbing Magazine as one of the “world’s greenest mega-crags.” There’s no doubt about it: this is some of the best adventure to be found in Chiang Mai!

Massage & inside track concierge services

One of the joys of Thailand is the ability to experience massage and spa services at a very affordable price. We are able to offer in-house massage (advance booking required) and even some in-house spa services. Alternatively we recommend that you use the spa at Highlands golf course, a few minutes away from the house. If you would prefer to use one of the 50-plus spas in Chiang Mai we can make recommendations and assist with bookings