Catering Services

Lanna Hill House is a Chiang Mai luxury villa that recognises food is a very important element of any travel experience. We are fortunate to have our menu designed by khun Tim, the founder of a famous Thai cookery school who has been a regular feature on TV both in Thailand and abroad. She has developed a delicious menu with a focus on fresh food and local dishes and trained our staff in the preparation of her dishes.

As far as possible we try to source ingredients from the local region or our garden. Our vegetable and spice garden is developing to provide a large proportion of the ingredients required by our menu. Fruits, vegetables and spices grown in the garden include Avocado, mango, tamarind, banana, chillies, ginger, guava, papaya, passion fruit, basil, coriander, spring onions, lemon leaves, lemon grass, limes, Thai aubergine, galanga, cumin, long beans, and various green vegetables. Where ingredients are sourced from town, we try and use the King’s project, Doi Kham, which supports agriculture in the mountains by disadvantaged hill tribe people. They are extremely high quality.

Breakfast comprises a selection of cereals, breads, fresh seasonal fruit, your choice of eggs, juice and coffee / tea. Thai breakfast is available on request. Breakfast is included in the tariff. A light lunch menu offers a choice of Thai dishes, salads and sandwiches. Picnics are also available for those who wish to go exploring in the national parks.

The evening meal comprises a three course Thai dinner, which is prepared according to a set menu although variations are available on request. Dinner preparations commence mid aftennoon by a team of 2 to four local chefs. All sauces and pastes are made from raw ingredients when the meal is being prepared. The focus is on fresh high quality produce. A typical dinner might include a curry , a fish or prawn dish, one or two vegetables dishes and of course Thai fragrant rice. Vegetarian and children’s dishes are available on request. We also encourage guests to cook with our staff if they so wish.

Northern Thailand is famous for its coffee. Cool mountain slopes are the perfect host to Arabica coffee plants and we exclusively stock northern coffee in our house. Both coffee and tea are available at no extra charge to our guests. A choice selection of drinks is available from our “trust bar” or from our catering staff when they are at the house.

Staff @ Chiang Mai luxury villa

Lanna Hill house is serviced by a team of staff recruited locally or from disadvantaged hill tribes. They are fully trained and wear beautiful locally inspired uniforms. All staff are paid a fair wage, above the market rate. They also partake in a profit sharing scheme, which allows them to benefit from all food and beverage sales.

Family and nannies

The house is a perfect for families. Facilities for children include wooden high chairs, a wooden cot, two single beds with protective railings, a play room TV and DVD player (also a small selection of toys and books), a kids’ pool, table tennis, board games and mountain bikes. The house is located in an area with very little traffic and children will enjoy the opportunity to explore the local area by foot or bicycle.

We will be happy to prepare your child’s favourite meals.

One significant benefit for families is the affordability of trained nannies and child minders. We can arrange for as many trained nannies as you like to help you relax and enjoy your stay. For slightly older children, we can arrange for someone to help keep an eye on your children while you relax.

House Keeping & Laundry

Our housekeeping staff will clean the entire house each day. If you wish to prepare meals for your children, they will of course do all the washing-up! Beds are made up every day and linen changed twice a week.

An in-house laundry service is available at a nominal rate